Our Story

From a waking epiphany during a pandemic and a creative pivot I bring you

Magnolia Kitchen Boutique

 There is always a story when I am involved so here we go.

When I say “a waking epiphany” that is quiet literally what I mean, we were in the middle of our first lockdown which had me in a tailspin wondering how I was going to make the newly opened larger much more expensive Magnolia Kitchen Sweet Cafe work financially since all plans had gone to hell in a hand basket.

I have a DEEP love of flowers, nature and trees (obvious since I named my business[s] after a tree). When we began the shop fit of the new Sweet Cafe I built into the plans an open area at the front of the shop that I intended to sub lease to a florist. 

Well as per afore mentioned pandemic, lockdown and hell in a hand basket that all turned tits up and I was left with an empty space and no one to sublease it too.

Then came the epiphany that went a little like this - I’m already paying the overheads for the space why don’t I start a florist business of my own in the space and then its all in the Magnolia Kitchen family. My first over reaching thought was that I would retrain as a florist which has been my dream job for as long as I can remember (shocking I know - cakes wasn’t my dream job). In the same breath I reminded myself I was working on my second book, trying to survive a pandemic - personally and financially, and just generally running/growing a very busy brand and business.

Next thought - Abby

Abby has been with Magnolia Kitchen since the beginning of 2018, fondly referred to as Moon Child she is at one with the earth, feelings, vibes and all things nature. She left the Magnolia Kitchen team back in mid 2019 to peruse an international life much to my heartbreak and well wishes. 

The pandemic doth taketh away and it giveth, in this case it gavith me thyne Abby back. By way of her return to the land of the long white cloud and jobless I tooketh my opportunity to bring her back into the Magnolia Kitchen fold and offered her casual work to help us out in the cafe.

Knowing Abbys love of nature and the earth I quickly messaged her while still in the throws of my epiphany and asked her if she wanted to become a florist. When we spoke about this in person she was shocked to tell me that just 2 days ago she had woken from a vivid dream in which she decided to become a florist and she had this deep feeling that floristry would be her forever job. 


Abby and I set to work collecting beautiful decor and inspiration for the space, along the way it was decided that it would not just be a florist but a beautiful space filled with Magnolia Kitchen retail products, gifts, florals and plants.

I am so pleased to share the boutique with all of our local, online and international community.

We would love you to follow our journey on instagram @magnoliakitchenboutique


xx Bets