LIMITED EDITION Hot Cross Bun Baking Box

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** these will be shipped from Thursday 24th March 

When you want to bake but you don’t want to buy all the ingredients and weigh it all out.... 

Boxed Baking but Better is here to take the hassle out of baking, using Magnolia Kitchen recipes and quality ingredients we have pre-weighed and mixed ingredients so all you need to do is follow the steps add your pantry staples mix and bake.

Treat yourself to our limited edition Hot Cross Brioche Bun Baking Box, perfect for Easter! Our traditional fruit hot cross buns are to die for... not a raisin person? Don't worry, just level up your buns by substituting the dried fruit for chocolate chips.

It’s like boxed baking but better because it is Magnolia Kitchen


*Requires "pantry items" so please read the instructions on the box carefully