Charlottes Chewy Choc Chunk Cookie Baking Box


As you may have guessed this kit is named after my one-and-only light-of-my-life daughter Charlotte. These cookies were one of the first recipes developed for the newly established Magnolia Kitchen back in 2011. They were created in our home kitchen and can now be created at home in your kitchen.

When you want to bake but you don’t want to buy all the ingredients and weigh it all out.... 

Boxed Baking but Better is here to take the hassle out of baking, using Magnolia Kitchen recipes and quality ingredients we have pre weighed and mixed ingredients so all you need to do is follow the steps add your pantry staples mix and bake.


It’s like boxed baking but better because it Magnolia Kitchen

This will make approx 30 cookies, make and freeze the dough and cook as required or just bake the entire batch

*Requires "pantry items" so please read your instructions on box carefully